Charles Armstrong
Tour Wrist

As CEO of SPARK LABS, Charles Armstrong balances creative vision, cutting-edge technical expertise, and strategic business insight. From national award-winning website projects to revolutionary, new product IP, his is a proven record of groundbreaking concepts and successful implementations. In recent history, Charles has overseen the launch of Tour Wrist, a powerful, new mobile platform which allows users to view and share locations in immersive 3D.

Charles will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about  Remote Reality.


Christian Bloch

Christian Bloch is a visual effects artist, who works and lives in Hollywood, California. During the ten years of his professional career, he has created effects for TV shows such as StarTrek: Enterprise, Lost, 24, Chuck, and for several movies and commercials. He is a pioneer in the practical application of HDR images in postproduction, specifically under the budgetary and time restraints of TV production.

Bloch is the author of  “The HDRI-Handbook”, published 2007 at RockyNook, where he shares all his knowledge about shooting, stitching and using panoramic HDR images. Over 5 years of research and development went into this book, and although it was followed by an avalanche of other books on HDR, it is still considered one of the most comprehensive resource to this topic. 

Bloch also runs, which started out as the companion website to the HDRI-Handbook. Later it turned into a buzzing hub of HDR-related Open Source software projects from several enthusiasts.

Christian will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about HDR and what Hollywood needs your panoramas for.



Greg Downing
xRez Studio

Greg Downing specializes in image-based 3D technologies and computational photography techniques. His photographic work has been displayed in some of the nations most prestigious museums including the American Museum of Natural History, the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He has worked on the development of  photogrammetry and stitching software at Realviz and in film production as a technical director at Rhythm & Hues and Sony  Pictures Imageworks on “Narnia”, “Spiderman 3″ and “I am Legend”. He teaches at Gnomon School for Visual Effects and has published professional training DVDs on  photogrammetry and panoramic stitching. He has presented at professional conferences for both photographers and visual effects artists.

Greg will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about The Yosemite Extreme Pano Imaging Project.


Eric Hanson
xRez Studio

Eric Hanson is a visual effects designer specializing in the creation of digital environments. Having worked with leading visual effects houses such as Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, Dream Quest Images, and Walt Disney Feature Animation, his work can be seen in “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Cast Away”, “Mission to Mars”, “Fantasia 2000”, and “The Fifth Element”, among others. He is also an Associate Professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, leading their curriculum in visual effects. Eric is a member of the VES, IVRPA, PMA, ACM/Siggraph and attended the Univerity of Texas at Austin. He wishes he could sleep more.

Eric will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about The Yosemite Extreme Pano Imaging Project.


Scott Highton
Photography by Scott Highton
Virtual Reality Photography

Scott Highton has often been called "the original VR photographer" – having served as the first outside photographer brought in by both Apple and IPIX for testing and consulting during their respective developments of QuickTime VR and IPIX technologies.  In the 16 years since, he has remained a pioneer in the development of effective and creative shooting techniques for panoramic VR, and has photographed a number of landmark assignments and locations. His long awaited book on Virtual Reality Photography has recently been completed, and is scheduled for release in April (hopefully, early copies will be available for the Tucson conference).  For more information, see:

Scott will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about "Creativity and Shooting Effective Panoramas".


Will Landon
Will Landon Photography
Murals Panoramic

Will Landon is a charter member of IAPP and has attended all but one conference, and made presentations at most of them.  He has published seven posters, five of which are in current distribution.  He has published two books, "Glacier Panorama", and "Rainier Panorama".  He has donated large panoramic murals to Badlands NP, and Mt Rushmore NP, and has done the very large format photography for a new 10 x 22 foot mural for Mt St Helens National Monument.  Will has built a unique telephoto wide  5 x 24 format camera which is featured at

Will will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about "The Making of a Continuous Panoramic Slide Show".


Jook Leung
Jook Leung Photography

360VR Images

Jook Leung is a full time 360 Panoramic Photographer with an advertising and editorial photography background. For the past decade, his most compelling images have been panoramic images of people and places crafted as 360 degree panoramic landscapes. He has received his third consecutive Fujifilm Masterpiece Award for photographic excellence in electronic imaging for his 360 degree panoramas. Mr. Leung is a regular contributer to the World Wide Panorama project, an on-going not-for-profit project to celebrate events around the world using the interactive medium of spherical panoramas.  He is also currently an instructor of panoramic photography at Maine Media Workshops. Mr. Leung is continuing with his travels to China and South East Asia on a project to document this rapidly changing region of the world with his uniquely revealing and narrative 360 degree images for publishing online and in book form.

Jook will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about The Panoramic Narrative.


Jeffrey Martin
360 Cities

An American living in Prague for 10 years, Jeffrey Martin has a background in Photography and has been an enthusiastic member of the global Panoramic Photography community since 2004. Jeffrey founded 360Cities in 2006 with his brother David after creating a similar project based on the city of Prague. He enjoys family life, travel, experiments, and cooking (preferably all at once).

Jeffrey will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about "The 360 Cities Community".



Keith Martin
panorama photographer .com

Keith Martin is a Senior Lecturer at the London College of Communication, part of the University of the Arts London. He teaches publishing, editorial and design for print and digital media in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Outside of this role Keith is the Technical Editor of MacUser magazine, and he is on the board of the World Wide Panorama project. He has also written and contributed to a wide range of articles and to numerous books on the subjects of design and production for print and digital media, including The Digital Designer's Bible, Creative Suite 3 Integration, and 1000 Fonts. Keith has been designing and developing content, structure and interaction logic for digital media since 1989.

At Tucson 2010 Keith will be teaching in the tutorial sessions and moderating the panel discussion on "Handheld devices and the future of interactive panoramic display".


Jeff Mitchum
Mitchum Fine Panoramic Photography

Jeff Mitchum is often described as "the Ansel Adams of color". Known for his compositional mastery and use of light and subject matter are key notes to his work. Jeff's work and gallery's has commanded the highest honors from the Smithsonian to National Geographic to the notable Getty Museum.

Jeff will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about "The photographer who should have been, could have been, but never was".




Dave Orbock

Full Circle Photo

Dave Orbock is a professional fine art photographer whose specialty since 1980 has been medium format panoramics of cityscapes and landscapes. He is a charter member of IAPP and its current President. In 1988, Dave was a guest lecturer in the People’s Republic of China, the first artist to represent Maryland in a cultural exchange program with the sister state of Anhui Province. He was invited for a return visit in 1993 to attend the opening of his Panoramic Photographic Exhibition in Hefei.

Dave works at his Baltimore studio with a small staff of dedicated workers who ensure that the printing and framing of his work are of the highest caliber.  Dave is represented by museums, galleries and art consultants throughout the United States. He has exhibited widely and his work has been purchased by individual collectors, museums, and major corporations.

Dave will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about "Printing, mounting, matting, framing, glazing and shipping large panoramic prints".


Doug Segal
Panoramic Images

Doug was raised in a professional photography family in Washington, DC. Both his father Ed, a prolific commercial Cirkut panorama enthusiast for 50 years, and brother Mark, a panoramic advertising, travel and location shooter for 35 years, were founding members of the IAPP in the late 70’s. Doug is a 30 year resident of Chicago, where in 1987 he and Mark founded PANORAMIC IMAGES, a Rights Managed photo stock agency specializing in large format panoramic work. Throughout the 90’s Doug served on the boards of IAPP, PACA (Picture Archive Council of America) and the Midwest chapter of ASPP (American Society of Picture Professionals) and PI developed a panoramic photo marketing network in over 30 countries.

Doug will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about Licensing Panoramic Stock Photography.


Mark Segal
Mark Segal Photography

Since 1981 Mark Segal has established an international reputation as an acclaimed photographer. Mark has traveled the world working closely with art directors & designers in 40 countries.  Demand for his work arises from Mark’s pursuit of fresh, experimental ideas and his ability to interpret concepts into strong panoramic photography including recent GigaPan & HD Video projects for the Chicago 2016 bid.

Mark started SkyPan International in 1989 in order to create 360-degree panoramic photographs from full size helicopters. With the need to produce images at low-level heights, he began exploring the adaptation of still and HDV cameras to poles,RC helicopters, blimps and aerostats. Using both digital and 360 film cameras, SkyPan produces imagery for custom interactive projects and master plan development.

Mark will be speaking at Tucson 2010 about "Aerial Panoramics and Marketing".

pastedGraphic.pdfPat Swovelin

 With 4 decades as a skydiver and well over 2 decades in the motion picture industry as a First Assistant Cameraman Pat has unrivaled experience in shot composition and opening view selection.  A lifetime of being able to move freely in a 3D world (vs. the 2D world everyone experiences on the ground) and "thinking through the lens" as a career give him a unique perception of the world around him.  The 3D world is what VR is all about and that's where he excels.

Pat is a co-founder of the PanotoolsNG Yahoo! group and President of its Verein.  He is the Events Coordinator for the World Wide Panorama project and the Tutorials Coordinator for the Tucson 2010 Conference.  He will be teaching at the Tucson 2010 tutorials.

Pat has been responsible for organizing the VR Panorama Tutorials.