The Rest of the Program
Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 6:58PM

Earlier this month we described the first day lineup of speakers at the International Panoramic Photography Conference, to be held April 14-18 in Tucson, Arizona. They were Jook Leung, Greg Downing, Eric Hanson, Jeffrey Martin, Doug Segal, Scott Highton, and Jeff Mitchum.

Now the rest of the program is almost complete, and we can tell you about another terrific series of talks and workshops.

Starting off on Friday morning we will have Charles Armstrong of Spark Labs and the new VR platform TourWrist. His talk is entitled simply "Remote Reality", and promises to tell us "why panoramic photography will mark the next major milestone for mankind".

Next we will hear from Will Landon, a stalwart of the IAPP, who will tell us about "The Making of a Continuous Panoramic Slide Show". In the past Will has done this using 70mm film and special transport and projection systems. Now he will explain how he has converted it all to digital.

Last before lunch Mark Segal will tell us about "Aerial Panoramics and Marketing". Mark uses poles, blimps, and both small RC and fullsize helicopters to get a panoramic view at varying elevations. Mark also wants to share some of his insights into marketing panoramic products.

After lunch there will be a tough choice - take one of the informal field trips to destinations around Tucson such as the Pima Air and Space Museum , the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, or Saguaro National Park?  Or stick around for two in-depth presentations?

First up will be Dave Orbock (IAPP President) giving a two hour workshop on "Printing, mounting, matting, framing, glazing, and shipping large panoramic prints". Since this is Dave's livelihood you can be assured that he knows what he is talking about.

The second in-depth presentation will be by Christian Bloch, taking a few days off from his latest project with Disney Studios. His topic is intriguingly entitled "HDR and what Hollywood needs your panoramas for".

Saturday morning offers another opportunity for field trips around the area, maybe up Mount Lemmon or Sabino Canyon, to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, or colorful and historic downtown Tucson. But you may want to stick around for what promises to be a timely and lively panel discussion. Keith Martin will be moderating a panel of experts on "Handheld devices and the future of interactive panoramic display".

But wait, there's more...
Two final sessions on Saturday afternoon have not been decided yet. And we have set aside time for up to 12 people to each give their own short presentation - updates on their personal projects and products, to show panoramas taken during the conference, or whatever. Very democratic , anyone can speak - but first-come first-served, contact Don ( to reserve yourself a spot.

We hope to see many of you in Tucson, April 14-18, for what promises to be an amazing conference.

Don Bain (IVRPA)
Christian Fleury (IAPP)

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